Our Products

Rotary airlocksRotary Airlocks Discharging of hoppers, silos
and filters with tightness.

Dome valves Dome ValvesTight closing of pressure
vessels for granular &
powdered products.

Silo equipmentsSilo Equipments Fluidizing, security valves.

Butterfly valves Butterfly Valves Closing of pipes for granular
& powdered products.

Knife Gate ValvesKnife Gate Valves Obstacle-free closing of pipes for granular & powdered products.

Ball valves Ball ValvesTo control the flow of liquid.

Microfeeders Microfeeders Accuracy dosing of granular
& powdered products.

Diverter valvesDiverter Valves Pipe diverting in free fall or pneumatic conveying installations.

Special equipment Special EquipmentTailored engineering & manufacturing equipments.

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